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Deseret News: 'The User-Friendly Book of Mormon' shares insights to the Book of Mormon

Marilyn Green Faulkner, author of the recent book "The User-Friendly Book of Mormon: Timeless Truths for Today's Challenges," has created a companion volume to the Book of Mormon in which readers can find ample sources for new insights into the Book of Mormon.

"The User-Friendly Book of Mormon" comes as a conglomeration of the work of a well-versed institute teacher and literary expositor.

Faulkner offers page after page of profundity without the slightest sweat. As its name suggests, "The User-Friendly Book of Mormon" is, in fact, user-friendly. Unlike other courses of doctrinal study, "The User-Friendly Book of Mormon" does not go verse by verse through the scriptures, nor does it rephrase the entire Book of Mormon in common vernacular.

Rather, Faulkner highlights scripture stories and expounds on the literary meaning of the verses. Then, with a more complete understanding of the meaning and context of the scriptures, Faulkner goes on to discuss some common conundrums and talks about her own doubts and experiences, and how the scriptures changed her paradigm and pointed her toward Christ.

"The User-Friendly Book of Mormon" begins with an excellent preface for those who may be less familiar with the Book of Mormon. It offers insights into why someone of another faith may find reading the Book of Mormon interesting and uplifting. This section might be particularly helpful for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to use when sharing copies of the Book of Mormon with friends.

After each section, "User-Friendly" has lined pages for readers to jot down their own insights. In this way, "User-Friendly" first models how to approach the Book of Mormon (study then apply), then takes it a step further by facilitating the application.

Faulkner does not shy away from issues affecting individuals and families. Questions about how to get prayers answered, familial violence, personal weakness, Joseph Smith's veracity and other doctrinal issues are addressed with empathy, wit and healthy doses of authenticity.

Those thirsty for more out of their scripture study will find "The User-Friendly Book of Mormon" satisfying.

Miranda H. Lotz is an avid book lover, mother and adoring wife. She blogs about her journey as a mother of a special-needs child


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