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Tripping Over the Liahona

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Dear SIS, We are half way into the summer, and even though I am working on the New Testament book, I still find it hard to take that few minutes for personal scripture reading that sets the right tone for the day. So here are a few simple suggestions for adding the scriptures to the daily ritual:

1. Use the car! Make an agreement that you will listen to one chapter in the car each day.

2. Use technology! Have Alexa read a chapter of scripture to you while you do chores.

3. Use your kitchen! Have one person read to everyone during breakfast or dinner.

One family I know took a copy of the Book of Mormon and stuck it with Velcro onto the TV controller. Every night before they turn on the TV it's right there as a reminder, and they read a chapter before the beast goes on for the evening.

Remember good old Lehi, who peeked outside the tent one day to find the marvelous Liahona. It was a magical device, but all the magic came from those who used it. Faith and belief make it work. So it is with our scriptures. They are magical devices, but only if we open them and let the magic out. I miss all of you, and look forward to seeing you soon! Class resumes September 12th. Love, Marilyn P.S. Here is a link to the last lesson on YOUTUBE: Spiritual Gifts that Keep on Giving


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