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"Reading Marilyn's book is like having a conversation with a dear friend--the kind of friend that is incredibly INSIGHTFUL, laugh-out-loud FUNNY, empathetic; she just 'gets it.' She also has that wonderful quality of INSPIRING you to become your best self. So grateful the next installment in the
User-Friendly series is here! It's great to pick up the conversation again!


- Amy T.


Buy lots of books, because it all
goes to a good cause!


Several years ago we started the Faulkner Foundation to support women and children in need. Every dollar from these books goes to charities that shelter abused families, feed the hungry and make education available to women and children.
So the more you buy, the more good you do!


The User-Friendly
New Testament
The experiences and sayings of Jesus as recorded in the New Testament have helped shape the faith of billions of Christians. When we approach these stories with open hearts and eyes, we find a Jesus with a distinct personality whose days are filled with healings, miracles and transformative interactions with every type of person. As we delve deeply into the stories of Jesus, we can learn how to live, love and minister from His example, and be transformed by His grace.  

Back to the Best Books

The classics ~ those books that everyone wishes they had actually read! It’s time to change that, Back to the Best Books is an entertaining overview of 36 classic works of literature. If you’ve been wanting to tackle some of the great books, this is a great place to start. And along with the standards like Jane Eyre and Vanity Fair, you will find a few classics in there that you haven’t heard of as well. Have you read Sigrid Lavransdatter, or the Reivers? You’ll love them. Perfect for book groups!

The User-Friendly
Book of Mormon

The scriptures deal with the most serious issues in life, but that doesn’t mean we need to take ourselves so seriously! In the User-friendly Book of Mormon I’ve tried to create something that is inspiring and helps us find modern applications for ancient stories. And it’s also just a little bit fun. Chapter titles include: Laman and Lemuel: What to Do When the Kids Want to Kill Each other, Isaiah Goes to Girls’ Camp, and The Brother of Jared’s Guide to Dating. You get my drift.
The User-Friendly
Old Testament
Can Jacob and Esau help us learn to get along with our crazy relatives? What do Joseph and Potiphar’s wife have to teach us about dealing with online pornography? Quite a bit, it turns out. The reason why these stories have been around forever is because they are always real, relevant, and relatable; there is something very modern about them. The User-friendly Old Testament offers a fresh take on the iconic stories of the Bible, from Adam and Eve to Jonah and Job. 
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