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Welcome to the Del Mar Stake Scripture Study Class 

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This year our Del Mar Sisters in Scriptures course is titled Christian Living: A - Z. Each week we will examine a few topics that are of interest to us as covenant Christians.


Join us at the LDS Cardiff Chapel, 1444 Lake Drive, Encinitas, CA.


If you can’t attend in person, here is this week’s lesson.

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Del Mar Sisters in Scriptures Course 2018-19

Christian Living from A - Z

Christian Living A: Apple Pie,

Anger Management and Atonement 

In this lesson, anger management takes center stage. Let's look at how Jesus managed his anger,  learn how to interrupt your own trigger pattern, and finally see how apple pie figures into it all!

Christian Living B:
Boomerangs, Belief and Being Born Again 

Ever feel like you are spiritually treading water? Or, even worse, sliding backward? Let's take a close look at belief, faith and knowledge, and see what Alma 32 teaches about how Jesus can change the equation for us.  And the boomerangs? We'll get Crocodile Dundee to show us how they work into this whole subject!

Christian Living C:
Comic Books, Confidence and Covenants 

I want to be a super hero, don't you? Let's see what Batman and our comic book culture can teach us about being our best selves. Covenant living can be the key to true confidence, the kind that unlocks our own secret super powers.

Christian Living D:
Dragons, Dreams and Decision Making 

Dragons are deep in our collective psyche. Jack Kent's little book, There's No Such Thing as a Dragon, teaches us an important fact about the danger of denial. So we will look closer at our dreams, the difference between a dream and a vision. Moses's experience teaches us how getting "that vision thing" can change our lives and the decisions we make every day. 

Christian Living E:
Enoch, Empathy, and Eternal Life 

What kind of life does God live? Enoch has an encounter with God that teaches him the meaning of empathy, God's greatest attribute. We will look at the experience of Enoch, and see how learning to be more empathic can enrich our lives and the lives of those we love.

Christian Living F:
Frodo, Fear, and Fellowship 

What does a Hobbit have to teach us about fellowship? A lot. By stepping up when no one else would, Frodo shows us that there is no real courage without fear. By admitting, "I do not know the way," he draws warring factions into a tight fellowship. We can do the same in our families, workplaces and church groups. Frodo shows us how.

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