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Gospel Library App Answers Your Questions

We've been trying to master the elusive Gospel Library App and it's kicking us around a little bit. So I wrote the GLApp group and asked our two burning questions from our last session:

Hello Gospel Library People,

Our Del Mar ca stake scripture class is trying to master the app! As we worked together we had a few issues:

1. I had the class choose a word within a scripture to search. If you choose a word with a footnote it takes you one direction. However if you choose a word with no footnote surprising things can happen. Two women had the general search engine open for them - in one case nude pictures of women opened in response to a fairly benign word - how does one prevent this?

2. The most important function for us is the notebook and we are still having trouble understanding how to get notes links and tags all in there - also how do you delete a notebook?


Marilyn Faulkner and the Del Mar Sisters in Scriptures Class

And they responded!! You will want to take this instruction step by step. I did and it worked!

Hello, To create a notebook, go to the Notebooks tab from Notes on the Library screen, and tap the plus sign. To delete a notebook, tap Edit in the upper right corner of your screen and use the red circle icon with the minus sign on the left to delete a Notebook and press Done. To change the name of a notebook, select Edit in the upper right and then tap on the Notebook name to open a dialog box and change the name of the Notebook and press Save. You will be returned to your list of Notebooks.

To edit a note in a Notebook, open the Notebook, scroll to the entry you wish to edit and tap on the 3-dot icon in the upper right of the entry screen. You’ll have options to edit the note, move it to a different notebook, duplicate, share, or delete it. You can also rearrange the order of notes inside a notebook by selecting Edit in the upper right and dragging the handles to the right of a note. If the note is not yet in a notebook, you’ll find it under the All tab in Notes. To add a tag to text, tap and hold on the text you want to annotate. Drag the selection handles to include any additional text needed. Tap the Tag button on the menu that appears. A box will appear with a list of existing tags. You select an existing tag, or you can create a new tag name by entering the name of the new tag and pressing Return on the keyboard. Tap Save, and the selected text will be associated with the tag. The 'define' feature just uses the web search on your device. You could turn on content or parental settings in your search engine or browser. We do not have specific instructions, as every setup is different.

So there you go. With a little practice I'm sure we can arrive at a place where we can link our scriptures to other scriptures, put a note in the margin and record any inspirations we receive without needing an additional revelation to find it ~ onward and upward!!


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